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Winning Local Elections

Online & Offline Campaign Materials Written And Social Networking

Web Content Rx

Wayne English has worked on numerous political campaigns including: three for Tim Ackert, Connecticut State Representative, and one local campaign that resulted in four of five candidates being elected.

Conservative Groups Call us for a presentation on how you can use social networking as an offensive weapon in your next campaign.

Read what Tim Ackert, Connecticut State Representative, said about me:

"Wayne English is a exceptionally fine writer. His efforts contributed to my election to the Connecticut State House of Representatives in 2010 [2012 and 2014 as well]. Wayne’s efforts to keep our campaign message targeted and simple are relentless. He is a valued and productive member of my campaign staff."

- Tim Ackert, Connecticut State Representative


  • Printed Literature
  • Online Text
  • Direct Mail
  • Campaign E-mail
  • Scripts For Your Radio Spots
  • Scripts For Robo Calls
  • Facebook Text


  • Web Design Consulting
  • Blogging
  • Candidate LinkedIn Profile
  • Twitter Feed
  • Tweets Written and Scheduled
  • Consulting on Social Networking
  • Social Networking Consulting


  • Social Networking Tools
  • Using Social Networking to Win
  • Writing Your Campaign Literature
  • Writing Your Website
  • Write A Winning Social Networking Campaign

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