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Web Content Strategy

Creating content is one thing. Creating content that fits into your strategic needs is something else again. It is better to make a plan first and then work the plan than to go off willy-nilly making content than has no rhyme or reason to your needs. Or, what's worse has no application to the needs of your audience.

Create the strategy, then create the content. You'll be glad you did. Want a hand with that? Let us hear from you.

It takes more than placing content online to make an effective social networking campaign.

  • You need a strategy. A strategy is a plan. Create it. Be flexible and modify the plan if you need to. However, never modify without a specific outcome in mind and test to see that your outcome is moving to fruition. Like the man said, "Make a plan. Work the plan."
  • You need an endgame. A destination that you want your content and social networking to take you to.
  • Then you make a plan.
  • Create your content, place it online. Evaluate. Apply corrective action. And continue.
  • Web Content Strategy establishes what subject(s) your content will contain. Knowing what your audience wants before you create it is important to our success and to your bottom line.
  • Knowing how to determine what to create, how to present it, and how to notify your audience that your content exists, where it is, and how to access it.
  • Further, keeping in-touch with your audience in such a way ensures that your content is welcome and valued. That's the only way to keep your audience interacting with you. That interaction - communication - is key to your success.