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Media Release

"You should be sending at least three media releases per year."

Don't count out a media release, or as it is also called a press release. Social networking has not made the press release obsolete. Many people will tell you a press release is obsolete; that is not the case. Just look at television news, what you hear on the radio, what you read in newspapers. The amount of news directly attributable to press release has been estimated at 80%. That's a lot of news.

See a successful media release that got our client a story in the Manchester, Connecticut Journal Inquirer Newspaper.

A Media Release can gain you publicity and notify people that you exist, where you are, how to contact you, and that you're ready to do business. You, your products, and your business can benefit greatly from a successful media release.

Our media release resulted in the Empire Group, LTD having a story published in the Manchester (Connecticut) Journal Inquirer (JI), the fifth largest newspaper in Connecticut.

We send your Media Release to about 70 newspapers, television stations, radio stations, university radio stations and university newspapers in Connecticut. National and international circulation is available.