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Book title: Web Content Rx, A Quick and Handy Guide for Writers, Webmasters, Ebayers, and Business People

ISBN Numbers: ISBN-10: 1601630689 and ISBN-13: 9781601630681

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Successful Social Networking Requires Targeted Web Content

(Coventry, CT -January 25, 2010) A successful social networking campaign can be critical to business and professional success. And content is critical to the success of a social networking campaign. High quality targeted content carries your message, satisfies your customers needs, generates interest, Web hits, and blog posts. Without it you are at a competitive disadvantage. It literally determines your online success or failure, and may determine the success or failure of your company or organization.

            This book shows you how to write high quality, targeted, content that is pertinent to the needs of your readers. It is geared to the needs of anyone who creates his or her own content.

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Available Worldwide

            Web Content Rx is available worldwide, in colleges and universities, in book stores, and online. See Published by Career Press Web Content Rx is accepted by those who understand the necessity of publishing high quality Web content.

Selected by SkillSoft 24x7 and Considered as a Supplementary Text To Teach Writing at the College Level

            Web Content Rx A Quick and Handy Guide For Writers, Webmasters, eBayers, and Business People was selected by SkillSoft to be marketed to their corporate clients and is being considered for use as a supplementary text to teach writing at the college level.

Unlike many other books on writing for the Web, you will find how to:

* Write your blog

* Make podcasts

* Structure text, data, and write instructions

* How to make your Web email link spam-proof

* Write and photograph effective eBay ads

* More, such as a sample contract and Letter of Agreement

Worldwide Marketing

            Web Content Rx A Quick and Handy Guide For Writers, Webmasters, eBayers, and Business People is sold in Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Canada, the United States, India, England, and Germany in book stores and online. Visit for endorsements.

About The Author

            Wayne English is a Web content expert, author, and writer who lectures on social networking. Wayne has local, national, and international publications in major magazines, newsletters, and newspapers. See his publications, testimonials, and clients at or Google him.

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