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"Words are like loaded pistols."
- Brice-Parrain    

Treat Your Web Site Like an Employee with Web Content Rx A Quick and Handy Guide for Writers, Webmasters, Ebayers, and Business People

(Coventry, CT - August 24, 2009) Web Content Rx: A Quick and Handy Guide For Writers, Webmasters, eBayers, and Business People published by Career Press, written by Wayne English, Web content expert, Web master, writer, photographer, speaker, and Web master. When Web content must be written, this book shows how to write targeted, easy to read and understand words that get the job done.

Sold Worldwide

            Web Content Rx is sold in Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Canada, the United States, England, Germany, and other countries. It is also sold in college and university book stores, and online. See Web Content Rx for online sellers.

Selected by SkillSoft, Considered as Text Book, Sold at Colleges and Universities

            Web Content Rx A Quick and Handy Guide For Writers, Webmasters, eBayers, and Business People was selected by SkillSoft Books 24x7 to be marketed to their corporate clients, is being considered as a supplemental textbook to teach writing at the college level, and is sold at colleges and universities.

Unlike Other Books on Writing Web Content, You Will Find How To:

                      Make podcasts


                      Structure your text and data

                      Write easy to understand instructions to accomplish complex tasks

                      Make your Web email link spam proof

Ten Appendices

These appendices address:


                      Web design

                      A contract

                      A letter of agreement

                      How to estimate a writing job

                      And other useful information.

What People Are Saying

“I thought the chapter on E-Bay selling was terrific. Factual, well written and right to the point! If you wish to develop a winning strategy for your online auction business, I highly recommend this chapter. My overall sales have increased by following Wayne's tips on writing clear advertising copy. The entire book is a wonderful achievement. Thanks Wayne!”

---- Stephen Dombeck


“This book is a "must read" for anyone who writes for the web be they web designers, writers, or business owners. It's a wealth of information. It covers everything from Podcasts to HTML characters and their use. Wayne explains how to write for both laymen and highly technical readers. I enjoyed his true-life stories. He has included tips and tools, even how to estimate for a job and a sample contract. It's an excellent resource I will keep forever.”

---- Joyce Boncal

      Owner of Advertise You, specializing in public relations, photography, and marketing

“Don't you wish you had a friend to help you create a totally cool web site? A friend who would show you, step by step how to make your site attract the kind of customers you want?

Well, now you have! Wayne A. English is just the guy you want and the author of just the book you need. “Web Content RX A Quick and Handy Guide For Writers, Webmasters, eBayers, and Business People” will guide you through the mysteries of html and special characters, unspammable email, and customer-winning content.

So what if you don't know the difference between downloading and uploading? Wayne will explain. And if your grammar is a trifle rusty, Wayne will show you how to achieve the clarity and impact you crave.

Expand your horizons and your customer base with this friendly, knowledgeable, web-conversant author. Then, watch your success grow!”

---- J. Lindsay Kellock

      Communications Advisor

      Book Advisor

      Ottawa, Ontario

About Wayne English

Wayne English Web content expert, Webmaster, writer, photographer, instructor, and speaker is published locally, nationally, and internationally in major magazines, newsletters, and newspapers. Wayne has extensive, Information Technology, writing, Web design, and photography skills. He is also an accomplished public speaker and instructor. Wayne owns LLC.

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