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     When Social Networking Fails: Nine Steps to Social Networking Success

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When Social Networking Fails:
Nine Steps to Social Networking Success

(Coventry, CT 28 February 2013)  What do you do when your social networking campaign fails? While much is written and said about social networking, failure and corrective action are not much discussed. Until now. In this eBook by Wayne English, you will learn how to rescue a social networking campaign in trouble. and how to design, develop, and implement a social networking campaign that is customized to your specific requirements.

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The Nine Steps

  1. Goals are Stepping Stones to your End Game
  2. Who Will Conduct Your Social Networking Campaign?
  3. How will you motivate your audience to tell you what they want to find in your social networking campaign?
  4. Determine what social media sites are best for your needs.
  5. Your Web Site is the Crown Jewel of Your Social Networking Campaign.
  6. Create Your Content, Place it Online, and Implement Your Ongoing Content Creation Plan.
  7. Go Live and Tell the World.
  8. Determining the Effectiveness of Your Social Networking Campaign.
  9. Offline activities to assist you in making your social networking campaign a success.

Questions Are More Important Than Answers

In When Social Networking Fails: Nine Steps to Social Networking Success you learn the right questions to ask to create an effective successful social networking campaign. We show you how to offer your customers something in return in exchange for the information you need. After all, this is market research and you should reward your customers for their time and kindness.

The essence of social networking is two way communication, and two way benefit from that communication. By offering a free report, coupon, or other premium you receive the information you need, and your customers get something in return. A win-win situation exists because it's designed into the process.

As to answers, they are not your problem. There are consultants, experts, and specialists in adding to your own employees and vendors. What you need is the confidence that you are asking the right questions. We teach you how to do this.

We Use The Online and Offline Worlds

We present numerous offline activities to enhance your social networking campaign because it does not take place solely on your computer. You can attend conferences, speak publicly, send media releases, use your company paper work effectively, run contests, and much more. We show you how to maximize your social networking footprint using the online and offline worlds.

Presentation of When Social Networking Fails to Networking Groups

This program was presented before publication to networking groups. It was well received.

About The Author

Wayne English is a Web content and social networking professional, published author, writer, and accomplished speaker. His first book, Web Content Rx: A Quick and Handy Guide for Writers, Webmasters, eBayers, and Business People was a Top 5 Business Title in Leadership Books at The Washington Post. Visit our Website,, and read our blog at,

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