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Frequently Asked Questions

This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is really just a short primer for social networking, content, and Web related terms. This list is constantly evolving, changing, growing as we find more and more that we want you to be aware of. Should you find something that you feel belongs here, please let us know. We will research your question and post a short concise definition and answer to your needs. Contact us at . We look forward to your E-mail.

  1. What is content? Content is text. While other things like music, graphics, photographs, video, and podcasts are also technically content, the term content refers to the written word.

  2. What is social networking? It is sales, marketing. An around the clock marketing machine. It is literally the most advanced public relations, sales, and marketing - communications - device that has ever existed in human history.

  3. How long has social networking existed? For centuries, maybe longer. In the past, we used newspapers, books, magazines, public appearances, and letters to stay in-touch with friends, family, colleagues, clients and customers. Today, we use the Web and social networking sites, but the concept is the same.

  4. Is social networking necessary for your business to succeed? Many professionals feel that it is. Social networking drives traffic to your Website. With the advent of Facebook, many businesses actually do business there. Of course, many people do own and operate successful businesses without a Web site or social networking sites. So, in the final analysis it's up to you.

  5. What will social networking cost? Social networking sites are generally free-of-charge, or cost a few dollars per month. However, your time and that of your employees is not free. While the social networking Web sites don't charge you a fee, employee time and overhead is certainly to be considered.

  6. Should I be social networking? The answer is almost always, "Yes." If you have a clientele that is not online, for you - for now - the answer may be that you can get along just fine without doing any social networking. That will no longer be the case by the year 2020. Further, the longer that you stay out of social networking the longer you run the risk of comments being made about you that you are unaware of. We recommend, at least, creating a campaign that listens and monitors the major social networking sites. That only makes sense and protects your reputation. See our page on reputation management.

  7. How much time does social networking take? You can do this in 15, 20, or 30 minutes per day or week.

  8. What determines the quality of my social networking campaign? Your content. Simple as that.