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Web Site Evaluation and Critique

Your Website has three jobs to do. Two of them are well known, it is the third that is least known and most important. The jobs are:

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Your 29 Point Website Inspection

  1. Does every major page of your site tell the reader what you can do for them?
  2. Does your Web site include a media page with media releases?
  3. Does your Web site's Contact Us page provide your phone, fax, and E-mail for sales, customer service, and other pertinent departments? Or just a form to be filled out?
  4. Does your Web site have this years date in the copyright notice?
  5. Do you have out-of-date material on your site?
  6. Do you have a picture of yourself on the main page?
  7. Is your company name here?
  8. Is your location important? Do you show it?
  9. How do you get business? By phone? Is your phone number there?

    Search Engine Optimization

  10. Is your title tag working for you or against you?
  11. Are your keywords appropriate for your needs?
  12. Are your keywords too competitive to do you any good?
  13. Are there less competitive keywords that will perform for you?
  14. Are your keywords in your content?
  15. Are your META Tags current, proper, and pertinent?
  16. Are your graphics optimized?
  17. What is your content saying to search engines?


  18. Is your Web site's navigation consistent across the entire site?
  19. Do your links take the reader where they say they do?
  20. Are your links titled so the reader can instantly know where they lead?

    Your Content

  21. Is your content interesting?
  22. How many words per sentence are there?
  23. How many sentences per paragraph?
  24. Do you use white space to make your content look inviting and easy to read?
  25. Is your content written at an eighth grade level?
  26. Is it written to show readers what you can do for them?

    What are you offering readers?

  27. Do you offer free content in the form of White Papers, games, a scavenger hunt?

    Social Networking

  28. Do you link to your website to your social networking campaign, and your social networking campaign to your website?