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Business Consulting

We provide you a background of demonstrated accomplishment and original thinking.

While we are content and social networking professionals our consulting runs to business as well. Besides advising you on how to design, develop, implement and maintain your ongoing social networking campaign. We have also:

  • A client, a car dealer, where we suggested a new product that was successful.
  • Another client, a commercial photographer, we suggested techniques that could potentially result in $100,000 of additional business.
  • A political candidate, that we write for, was told that our printed campaign literature was excellent. Our efforts had everyting to do with that.
  • Our blog posts have gotten critical acclaim from Webmasters.

Call us to:
  • Train you and your people to write your Web content.
  • Design a questionnaire and reward system to gather customer feedback.
  • Teach you how to get the most from Twitter.
  • Show you how to use Twitter and a blog to establish yourself as an expert.
  • Reputation management. We will give you and your people guidelines how on to respond to negative comments in a professional manner.

Social Networking

Social networking is no longer optional; no longer an accessory. Every business who hopes to remain competitive need to be online; sooner or later. It's not a question of whether you will be, it's a question of do you want to be in business in five years.

We are social networking, and Web content professionals. We lecture and present seminars and workshops on this and on writing Web content.

Our second book, When social Networking Fails: Nine Steps to Social Networking Success, is filled with corrective action. We are all about problem solving.

You will not hear us simply reiterate your problems. No. We help you or you pay nothing. We stand behind our work with a 100% money back guarantee.

Look to us for:

  • A social networking campaign that's in trouble or under performing
  • Training for yourself or your staff on how to create content for your social networking campaign. Including your :
    • blog
    • Website
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • LinkedIn
  • We will work closely with you to write your response to negative, hateful, inaccurate comments, or false accusations.
  • We show you how to determine where your customers "hang out" online in such a way that they gladly return your query. .
  • We will write your E-Mail marketing, Ezine, or online newsletter.