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About Us

WebContentRx is the place business owners come for helpful information, insight, and a fresh point of view on content, content marketing, and social networking to grow their businesses. We are innovative and creative. You can see this in our publications, public speaking, and in the good work we do.

Wayne A. English founded the company in August 2008, after several years of operation as a sole proprietorship. At that time, Wayne was a Webmaster creating websites for businesses. Wayne did everything including: Web design, development, and coding to professional photography, SEO, creating graphics, and hosting. As to photography, Wayne has professional expertise. He taught photography, wrote a monthly column for a photography magazine, and worked as a professional photographer.

His first book, Web Content Rx, is sold internationally and is a Top 5 Business Title in Leadership books at The Washington Post. Wayne is published in major and minor magazines, newspapers, and newsletters locally, nationally, and internationally. See Wayne's publications here.

An accomplished speaker, Wayne loves presenting seminars and workshops and speaks whenever he can on writing for the Web and social networking. Being in front of a group is the most relaxing thing in the world.

The company has migrated from developing Websites to where you see it today. The main reason is that Wayne no longer enjoyed spending hours at the computer. Now things are much more interesting as he works with people more.

Further, Wayne has extensive technical background, and expert knowledge, of the electric distribution system, has worked in two nuclear groups, and in Information Technology.