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About This Web Site

This is the most complex website that we have developed to date. We began researching the CSS and PHP that allow this site to function on everything from a cell phone to a 24 inch monitor; and beyond.

We are very happy with the result and consider this our finest work.


  • This site appears differently on phones and tablets less in resolution than 1024 wide. Try it and see.
  • This is one site. Not two sites with one for phones and one for larger monitors. Our content is only written once. How the site renders is controlled by our coding. For more on this see below.

More To Come

  • Our photography book
  • More on writing, social networking, eMarketing and writing for politics.


  • Writing and rewriting out content
  • The site has been professional edited by our in-house editor several times
  • Research, design, coding, writing, and editing took almost a year to accomplish on a part time basis.
  • Three style files
  • Numerous if else statements which give the capability for the site to appear differently on phones and tablets than it does on monitors greater in width than 1024 pixels
  • A vast amount of CSS
  • PHP include statements
  • Header and footer files
  • A script for the menu
  • A script to keep the copyright date always showing the current year
  • A script to make our e-mail address unable to be harvested by scammer bots
  • Thirty files creating what you see on-screen
  • An Analytics file
  • A tools file accessible by a redirect to:
  • About hundred graphics files
  • Editing of graphics files